With two years of hands-on experience as a software developer, I bring a robust set of technical skills and a solid foundation in programming languages, including Typescript, JavaScript, and Python. My proficiency extends to web development frameworks such as React, allowing me to craft dynamic and responsive user interfaces. In addition to my expertise in front-end technologies, I have a deep understanding of database management systems like Postgres, enabling me to design efficient and scalable backend solutions. My skill set further includes practical experience with React Native, Next.js, Node.js, and more. I am well-versed in version control systems like Git and collaborative development tools like JIRA, enhancing my ability to work seamlessly in team environments. Beyond technical proficiency, I excel in soft skills. I am a keen problem solver, adept at analyzing complex issues and delivering innovative solutions. Effective communication is a cornerstone of my approach, facilitating smooth collaboration with cross-functional teams and ensuring streamlined project workflows. I thrive in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments, demonstrating adaptability, quick learning, and attention to detail. My passion for software development, coupled with technical expertise and strong interpersonal skills, positions me to make meaningful contributions to any project or team.
JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, HTML, CSS, SQL
ReactJs, Mobx, Grommet, NextJs, ReactNative
NodeJs, NestJs, Postgres, Redis, websockets
Git, github, VsCode, Jira
Docker, Bash, Django, machine learning, unit tests